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Depression on the Job

When we work, we have to learn and grow.

If we stop learning and growing -

It's like shoving your soul into metal saw grinder and forcing it in there -

You gotta game your time in the moment.

Get kindle audiobooks to listen to what you need to learn to study -

If you're on a laborous job and you have headphones,
try listening to these Alan Watts playlists.

There are 9 of these chillstep mixes by terrestrial exitium, they often get removed.

These are reuploads of the original creator's videos that were taken down.

When you turn on these videos, don't even worry about trying to listen to the speaker,
just ignore it and enjoy the music,

once he starts talking about something interesting as you're working and your mind picks it up,
you will be mesmerized.

If you cannot access media during work, absorb new information between shifts and breaks to be able to process that information as you work.

Plan and consider how you can find other methods to learn more and take more advantage of your time as well as moving into a position that gives you additional freedoms.

January 2023 Update:

What you listen to determines who you become. When you are at your low point, look up Motivation Madness on YouTube and inspire yourself with a new kind of thinking.

Your mind will tell you it's a bit silly, but is what you currently do not a bit silly already?
Instead of pumping yourself up with rap music, hip hop, death metal, and sad love songs,
try changing the wavelength.

What you listen to affects who you are, who you become.