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Shadow Appearance

Has anyone heard of this concept that the reason why you shouldn't even go near the casino if you are a gambling addict for instance is that ok by getting triggered you turn on your hypothalamus and it takes over the decision-making process from that point on?

Considering that -
When we focus on light, we end up going for strength, success, victory.

With all of those we gain real power, true power.
In darkness, fantasy, lies, fiction, delusion, within this we desire power.

I desire power in darkness because if I stop long enough to look at my life, I see that there are threat vectors open all around my life, I am completely vulnerable to attack. I find myself in the middle of a story that is at the mercy of others, and while the others are supporting me now, they are untrustworthy in their very nature.

To provide a sense of control, I then create a dark character, in the shadows, elusive, powerful in appearance.

If I can grow this false image large enough, I can hide behind it. I can convince my conscious mind that I am safe, and no one will break this belief.

I explained this to someone who made me understand this, that to go for this kind of power is to be led by fear.

In my words, To pursue power for self-protection, your master is fear.
You are serving a master, your master is fear.

[I recommend choosing a different master!]