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Sound Aligns Towards Love

There is no longer any sound that I desire to hear but this/

Just minutes ago another person had said to me and I was reflecting upon the fact that,
My commitment to love has become more absolute,
I have become more unwavering in this single stance.

There is no coincidence that this follows the heart's cry of last week breaking out.

It may be a correlation that this is the only sound I desire to hear.

One of the key elements to this real love and how you know it or do not know it,
Is that it is not "Love is Love".

Love is absolutely unmistakable. There is no counterfeit that can imitate it. You cannot fake this. If you have the ears to perceive it, there is no fake that can fool you. Once you taste it, You gain a refined taste for it.
Substitutes bear a different essence, a different signature, and they do not satisfy.

I do not only mean that Love is unmistakable.
I also mean that love has a quality of being unmistakable.

I mean that Love has a quality about it which cannot be mistaken. Once you recognize it, it cannot hide from you when it appears before you.

It is not enough to only hear it. You have to open your mouth and cry out for it too, yes indeed physically.
If you hope to gain it upon you,
You will have to lift your voice in praise,
Such that you hear your own voice,
And begin to tune it and acclimate it to the sound of Love's cry.
This is why music is real warfare.
We use the sound to align us towards Love.

I am not aware of any doctrine that teaches this, I am speaking this.