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Spirit Begins

I experienced the human spirit breaking out,
Crying out,
It was screaming 'wake up, wake up'
I don't know if this means that we really are in a dream,
That this was only possible because this woman has her focus on this,
Because she's crying out for it earnestly,
Because she has taken what is pure in her heart and screamed out to let it out, passed her flesh and her self -

And I find that once again, surely there was no person in me
Surely I was only full of desires,
And when all those desires are gone,
There's no one left.

And the days before were torturous.
The light of others filled my soul,
but I was trapped in a purgatory of comfort from their light -
And yet wanting more, Wanting to be closer to them, Wanting to not be separate from them,

And now here is this woman -
Her image to me is perfection -
Both in physical and spiritual beauty.

I have never seen a woman more connected to white light,
I could even see that she was praying for my spirit to break out.

I could see that she sees my spirit as well.