Divi's Corner ring

No Care to Miracles

I will be honest,
I have never given any care to miracles.

To me miracles are like parlor tricks,
The sun rises and sets,
That is a miracle as well,
What we consider miracles are spectacular phenomena,
but in my opinion we only consider certain phenomena miracles because they were unexpected to us and because we did not comprehend the data by which they were brought into our reality.

To me an ultimate miracle is the invisible force that is holding together my body without fail.

I do want to document one of the more unexpected miracles though due to it happening twice.

Event one I do not recall in perfection because I was not paying as much attention.

I am walking down a hallway. I'm flipping through my phone looking for a song to bring me peace. I'm emotionally overwhelmed.
I find that there is no song to bring me peace and in anger I decide to throw a middle finger to God.

I pretty much say, look, if you don't have any music to bring me peace, Then I'm not going to do any of this atmospheric warfare in this hallway.
I won't play any music.
I will throw a tantrum in silence.

Of course, what transpires next is that the phone begins playing a song, One that is not in the playlist that was on Spotify.

I cannot recall exactly, but it is possible that I had not yet ever searched for or heard this song.

Now of course the obvious reason for my phone to begin playing music from Spotify is that there is the mini player on the lock screen of my phone.

The friction in my pocket would awaken the phone and then hit play on the application.

The problem with this is that I realized that in my anger, I had not paused Spotify but I had closed the app.
There was no "mini player" on the lock screen.

More importantly,
The song is what I needed to hear at the time.
The lyrics answered my questions,
and brought me peace.

I consider this to be improbable.

Event two,
Now this was a little more direct.
I am playing music on my phone.
I am holding the phone in my hand exactly as I'm holding it right now. I begin crying out prayers to God. And in that very moment, I don't even know if I blinked, I don't know if I glanced,
But the phone changed to a different song instantaneously with no physical input in front of my eyes.
Again of course more importantly was that the song was what would bring peace to me at that time.