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Living Blamelessly

Everything that you are not perfect in in life is an open channel for the matrix to attack you.
That is why you must live blameless.

It is because there is no hiding of the internal world and the external world.

What is within you can be targeted by the outside,
in the real world, the spiritual world, there is no difference between reality and what is inside your heart,
you do not hide from the rest of the universe.

Of course it is far more complicated than that,
far more complicated than I understand,
as we are more akin to witnesses of the hearts we carry,
As in, there is that which afflicts and collects in our hearts, our souls, But we are not the purchasers of this content, this content is not ours -

And the matrix would have you buy it, it would convince you of ownership, If you are convinced that darkness is you, Then darkness can be used against you.

People think I'm being real when I speak openly, as if I'm speaking confidently,
But this is not confidence, this is simply that there is no real barrier between the physical and invisible,
The physical and the psychological,
At least not on the conscious level.

It would seem that what you project and feel on the conscious level is directly visible to the physical plane of existence,
Though not every person may pay attention to it, all will surely react to it.
On deeper levels of awareness, surely the matrix is not yet aware of what is within you.

It appears that it may be this very degree of separation that is what is dissolving right now, as the light grows brighter and the darkness grows darker,
People say "the frequency is changing" but it may be more apt to say,
The barriers between the physical world and your deeper internal happenings are dissolving.

That that which is inside of you is being brought into the light.