Divi's Corner ring

Ambition Burns

Ambition will burn out your flame.

Ambition will cause you to lose the race.

Expend too much effort and you will be the first employee to quit.
[ Expend no effort and you will outlast all of your peers.

Remove the carrot from the stick and eat the carrot.

I'm at a place right now where I have come through chaos.
I'm basically learning to control an unbelievably large fire.
I found out following this that someone else was hit psychologically in the same way last night,
And it passed by them and brought them to a place not unlike my current state as well.

I survived the most dangerous part of my life.
I had fallen into true chaos.
My soul became a black hole.
I was able to rise above this. My soul has become a white hole.
Every breath I take in is pure light.
I have had the opportunity on this day to allow God to speak through me to others.

Through passing through this difficult time,
I have relinquished,
my desires,
which are many.
I have become pliable.
I have become like a well trained animal.
Man's disappointment, his shame, negative stories, negative thoughts and head trips, these have faded from importance.
It is almost as though the storm of chaos is circling around me yet far away from me, and all of that negativity is being caught up in it.

While I become a halo ring,
And I am resting within the ring,
Between life and death,
Between male and female,
Between something or other,

I admit, there is nothing more terrifying than what I had just gone into.
I have been terrified of many experiences.
The terror of your soul becoming a black hole and experiencing it.