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A New Start

The deeper I go into silence, the more weight I feel on speaking.

I changed -

I found myself as a being -

And found that humanity is just a dress -

And I'd like to write about it -

But I haven't had so much time.

I have articles posted soon -

My content is changing -

Along with my direction -

And intentions -

And love.

Yesterday was a big day for me. Every day has been.

I am in a great war.

The war is for individuality, imagination, independence and original thought.

I came so close to losing it, I might even have lost it.

But I have gained more clarity now than simply, "the world is ignorant and unconscious".

No, to be a real person requires much more than to just have my creative faculties active. It requires a change of identity.

The change is in self respect,

In respecting that I do not grow wiser with more knowledge,

I grow less wise the farther I go from the wisdom I had as a child.

Because of and related to this,

I require an identity that is not looking for validation or proving my words to others.

This does not mean the surface level, "I don't care what you think",

It means standing on wisdom and truth that can be stood upon,

And not compromising.

It is a different game because it is not the old game.

The old game was verifying to see if what was said was quite silly.

The new game is knowing what is real, and staying connected to what is real,

and destroying what is false.

The element required is a trust and I will gain this trust.

It sounds like this is an intellectual decision, but the reality is it is a decision to continue to move deeper into the love that is in my heart and put it above any other.

The wisdom of the heart says that there is no voice louder than silence.

I'm going to be writing about how the flow state pertains to consciousness,

the future of this phenomenon,

how we can bring flow into reality,

and also about what I see as the ultimate meditation.