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To Gain Everything

I don't know how to decondition religious ideas.

You hear, "Surrender your life to God."
You've been told God is some guy, some religion to serve.
You've been told you were selfish, you should stop being selfish.

You should conform, you should conform to our way,
your way is no good, our way is better.

You should obey us, you should give up your independent thought,
you should give up your freedoms to us.

I don't know how to decondition that.

There are some things I don't know that I shouldn't even say,
but I can say this;

I gave up everything,
I was given everything.

He built me up out of nothing.

Everything I have,
He has given me everything I have,
and that gives me freedom from attachment.

When you let it all go, when you want nothing, when you claim ownership of nothing,
When you stay ready to move on,
When you know you can grow and change in any situation, then,

your things are not a prison.

Your things are not a prison of fear,

what if I lose this,
what if I lose this

It's like working a job.

If you feel attached to the job, you feel stuck there.
If you are ready to walk out the door at any moment,
the job does not own you.
You remain ready to walk out the door.
This is freedom.

The chains of belongings breed fear and control.
If I lose everything, I will gain everything.

It's a lie anyway.

Do you really believe you own anything? The concept of ownership is a fantasy, it is not real.

The only thing you have is your body.
That's the only thing you have ever possessed, and it is the only thing you will ever possess. And you will lose that too.

Your body, it can go anywhere.
You cannot take your belongings around with you far.
Walk far enough, and you can't carry your belongings all that way.
No matter where you are, the only consistent thing you will have is your body,
your temple.

You also never leave the temple.

Have you ever noticed,

Wherever I go, there I am.

Wherever you take your body, it is always in the same position.
The position of your body never moves,
your camera remains fixed,
your temple never moves,
the world around you moves,
the illusion around you changes constantly,
your body remains the same.

One day your body might be in an ocean, or in a prison, or in a forest, or upon a rooftop, in a concentration camp, in a hospital, those conditions don't change what you have.

What you don't own is subject to change.
If it didn't change, you'd get tired of most things eventually.

If I didn't change, I'd get tired of myself,
and so, when I return to having nothing,
I'm not the same I was the last time I returned to having nothing.

The return to having nothing is definite.

So then how do you accumulate wealth if you are going to return to having nothing?

The only way is to be different than you were the last time you had nothing.

That's all you have is you.
There is no religion here.

If you let go of everything, you gain everything.
That isn't philosophy, it's fact.
This is fact like physics, I've tested the results over and over and over again the data never changes, it is absolute.

This is also paradoxical.
Your self in nothing is everything.
Your self in freedom, it never really changes,
but your actualized self,
the self which has actualized into reality,
the participatory self,
and the experience of the active self in consciousness,
that does change.

You return to the non-actualized self that is nothing,
then you change the actualized self, which may get destroyed many times as well.

This is not a one step process,
you'd have to go towards it.
If you wanted a one step solution,
you go and look death in the face, and then you live as the person who is about to die.

Death changes your priorities,
expanded life also changes your priorities.
Who cares what your roommate did, they are a convenient target and distraction for your anger that you are not doing bigger things with your life. Grudges against others are convenient distractions to what you are doing with your life.

Who would you be if you were nothing?
What would you have if you had nothing?

"You are nothing" is a statement that hurts.
Why does it hurt? It hurts because it says you do not have value.
It hurts because truth in you knows that you have value.

So you can't be nothing. The only other option is everything.

If you are not nothing, you must be everything.

How would you behave if you had nothing to lose?
What would you say if you had nothing to lose?
What would you say if it was the last thing you could say?
Why aren't you saying it? This is the last thing you can say, this is the last time you get to speak.

Your word is all you have.

It is the one thing you actually have control over through your intention.

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