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How to be a Person in Power

Do you know what actually happens when people see that you are content exactly where you are?

They perceive you as powerful.

A man who is content where he is has a lot of power, he isn't very susceptible to manipulation because he isn't going to simply chase whatever is offered to him.

You know what happens then?

People see that, and they want it.

That's what they really want.
They give you respect for it.
It affects the way they see.

Look at people talking about their future plans, notice how much interest you have in what they are saying,
it is worthless information, you simply ignore them.

Look at people being contented in the moment, it's what you want more than anything.

Look what happens when someone notices you, when someone listens to you,
What is happening at that moment of recognition,
they are available in the moment, in reality,
they are with you in where you are in the current state of reality.

The current state of reality may be absolutely horrible but there they are with you in it, not somewhere else.
That's actually quite something, now a horrible reality is actually quite meaningful.
It actually mattered to you.
In a certain way, you actually appreciate that horrible reality because there was something worthwhile in it.
You actually cherished something in that moment.

A person who is content with where he is, who does not shift by the wind and the waves, he is perceived as powerful. Why?

You can't control him.
Control is power.
If you can't control someone, it means they are powerful.
You might judge the way they can't be controlled, but it doesn't change the case.

Now, a person who can't control themselves, they have no power.
There is no control. There is no power.

When someone is content exactly where he is, he is not trying to go anywhere,
he can actually be somewhere.

It means that whatever aim or goal he has, it is attainable, because he is not chasing something else.
If he is not chasing money, he does not have to struggle against his desire for money,
others can not manipulate him with money,
If he isn't chasing status, others cannot manipulate him with promise of status,
this is power.

You either have it or you do not.
The only power is your power of choice.
If your power of choice is susceptible to desires that can be manipulated by those in power around you,
then you have no power.

This is why the image of power is a man in a chair,
or simply standing.

He has the power to sit.
He has the power to stand.
The whims of others he does not chase.
He is the one who instead remains exactly where he is.
He doesn't go to others.
He is in the chair.
Others come to him.
He sends others elsewhere.
They don't send him elsewhere, because he has power, he is exactly where he is.

All the scriptures validate this.

Be Still and Know that I Am God

The instruction is, "Be Still."

Be the center, be where you are, be the center of reality.

Solomon was still, he found the wisdom, wisdom led him to be still, a temple of Solomon was built around him, the queen of Sheba was astounded at how he had organized his entire reality.

He had one weakness, women.
He chased after women, the chasing caused him to not be still, to not stay seated on the throne.
Chasing causes you to lose your power.

Wisdom says that you cannot attain everything but you can choose the things you want.

You do not want everything, many things suck.

You do not want things that suck.
You don't want to compromise and be left with conditions that suck.

When you chase, you compromise.
When you compromise, you lose.

Only weak people in a lesser position compromise.
The one with power makes no compromises, for anything, ever.

He accepts that there may be consequences that he cannot control as the outcome for his choices.
He still makes the choice, because his choice is his power

This means that you have to get over the fact that the world is not going to agree with you.
It means that you don't actually have to be agreeable.

Agreeable means flimsy.

Notice the powerful woman.
Notice that she is not agreeable.

Have you ever noticed that no one agrees with a woman in power?
Everything has something to say about her.

Look at her level of freedom. Imagine who she would be if she was more agreeable.
Imagine who she would be if she did the things others thought she should do.

So where did she gain her influence and power and respect?
She may not be liked, but she has influence and power and respect.
She has that because she holds her own power, and her choices are not based on the opinions of others.

A woman in power is a terrifying sight, a threat, she could destroy a man.
Her freedom of possibility makes her exceptionally dangerous,
she is controlled but unpredictable,
you don't know what she is thinking,
but you know she is thinking.
She has creative power, and she knows how to use it.
This gives her freedom,
and freedom is dangerous.

Freedom means that established things could be changed,
that what exists can be destroyed,
that how things are are at threat of becoming different.

A man in power is also terrifying,
but we seldom see it in its fullness in the current state of this world.
The current man in power we see is limited, he does not usually possess the creative freedom.

Both are like a fierce predator in the wild,
They are ready.
They are waiting and ready,
consistently ready to act,
you cannot close your eyes and expect them not to strike.

They live ready, they live in the present moment.

Every fall from grace involves one who stops paying attention.
They say he is, "slipping up".
They say he has, "lost his touch".
His attributes of carefulness have diminished,
his careful consideration has disappeared from him.