Divi's Corner ring


If you have not pursued mindfulness,
You can make it an active daily part of your life.

It makes every part of your life better.
In my case,
It has just brought me back,
To when my life is in complete flow and I am totally thriving.

This time I've had time to analyze what exactly does it mean when I am totally thriving.

It means that my cup is overflowing in my soul.

I don't feel incredible or great,
I feel overwhelmingly incredible,
I feel abundantly great.

Not even a short time ago, There were some great moments, but my overall experience was mostly of a spiritual starvation.

I have analyzed the difference,
The first difference, the priority is on my emotional well-being,
Not what the world thinks of me,
Not what I think I should be,
But my current present state of well-being.

The second and larger difference has to do with the consumption of information, This is when I began to establish a consistent daily routine of intaking information from multiple sources in small but digestible doses,
Sources which fill my soul with richness of meaning and remind the mind of fresh life.

The paradoxical and more difficult part of this consistency is a continual allowing of life to allow this information to enter into you at its pace and its timing,

This is when the practice of Zen becomes a real living breathing experience, because it requires an active participation with the actual existence,
It cannot be solely formulaic because it requires an active engagement and relationship with right now.

This is regarding the related concept of having a personal relationship with a divine source.

This means relying partially on the intuition and available variables to determine what one should do right now to continue into the dance with life handing you that information while you receive it.

This is where a deeper level of comprehension of the Tao is useful,
In beginning to understand that the best thing that you can possibly do is to not force anything, to not push,
to learn to relax and allow life to happen to you.

This is expecting and listening for life to hand you information as food,
As opposed to forcing yourself to accumulate information.

Surely there is wisdom needed on this complicated matter,
Because you still need to position yourself around the information that life has for you.

Remember that life presents you information from many sources,
Your emotions are information,
Your dreams are information,
Other people are information,
Books and technology are information,
Life problems and challenges are information,

Life becomes more streamlined when you have a better hand at absorbing and processing that information in a refined process and effective, systematic data processing routines.

What I mean by systematic data processing routines is that your intuition and greater intelligence is fully equipped to understand how to best surf these waves of information in a conductive way.

Another way to say this, Is that you are processing the information from only the viewpoint of now, of one wave.

Your intuition or greater intelligence is able to see all of the waves of information, as though these waves were white water rapids with many pathways and directions.

Your greater intelligence is able to chart a course through these waves, knowing what kind of waves they are and how they should be approached and what routines should be used through them.

To stay consistent with the metaphor,
It may be better to go slow through some waves,
And fast through others,
It may be most prudent to come to a stop for a short while,
To prepare for a big wave that the present attention does not know is on the horizon.

Surely you've noticed that there were times in life when you begrudgingly were stuck at home unable to do anything,
And shortly later there was a major event that happened in your life,

Causing you to reflect on the fact that you actually needed that time of rest to prepare for what was coming, though you did not know.