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There is no way to say this or prove this, but yes, we are supposed to have the rebellious spirit that Persona 5 advocates as the Trickster.

At some point in the last 2000 years we equated the Trickster with the Devil. The rebellious spirit became the devil.

The rebellious spirit that Persona advocates as well as the idea of using a Persona to gain power are both of man without access to the power of his god.

When we grow up, we get hurt. When we get hurt, we look for a defense mechanism and belief system to protect ourselves. We might even use our own rebellious spirit to turn against the world, After all, I the individual am the one who understood, in a world where everyone else was wrong.

This is a form of hell, isolation.
If the individual rejoins the whole, with a higher power, to use the rebellious spirit as intended, to revolt against the waywardness of man, then the isolated rebellious spirit may make contact with the greater rebellious spirit, the great human spirit that is closer to who we really are.

The idea of using a Persona as a weapon on the other hand is the highest temptation.

In life, if I put myself into the light of day, into the open, exposed, it's going to hurt, it's going to burn, I'm going to find out who I am, people are going to see my mistakes, I'm going to change, I'm going to face reality, if I am willing to grow, then God can make me into his image.

In life also, if I hide myself in the darkness of night, I can temporarily postpone the inconceivable truth that I exist in a world with threat vectors that can destroy me in the next moment no matter what I do.

In the darkness of night I can create a fictional representation of myself of my own design, and if truth's light stays far away from me, then I can rest in my delusion.
I can express my creativity, I can be whoever I want to be, and free to whatever I want to do at least for a moment. I can rationalize any truth or justify any negative action.
In this, my master is fear.
My master is fear because my highest priority I serve is the fear of threat and pain.
I am sitting in a belief and identity that I am an unsafe victim, and I am avoiding reality.

This is a form of living in pain, of a passive suffering. This is more dangerous and destructive than an active suffering, because all of my actions are based out of fear.

Every action taken out of fear will be destructive.

The identity is one of a trickster, a duality. The duality is not between God and man, not between the world and man, but a duality between who the person believes they are, and who they are pretending to be. They are being the trickster to themselves.

When we have some trust, when there is some light in the heart, when we have some fulfillment, when we are open, once we have some of these needs met,
then we can feed our rebellious spirit and be intuitively led in how to productively use it.

The alternative is to waste your energy, causing no lasting change.

In acting out of pain in rebellion, only chaos is created, chaos has no structure and cannot last, the energy has been squandered, wasted.

In using the power of the rebellious spirit in conjunction with orderly action, such as supporting others amidst the voices of resistance in their lives, there is change.

The rebel has to change first and become compliant in order to fulfill its mission of rebellion.

What is more important is that the cry of the human heart is breaking out in the real world at this time.

There was a time that the spiritually blinded could not comprehend the light, but the spirit is breaking out into the real world, and it is lined up with the light and the way of Christ, it is a simple way,
it is not even a way, it is an orientation of prioritizing which direction you are moving towards.

You know what the real worshippers are praising and worshipping?

They have witnessed a beauty and light deep inside their heart, and they are singing to it, to awaken the dragon, to ignite the flame, to break out of the false man and into who they really are.

I will tell you that the manifestations of god in the real world are unlike any experience you've ever had.
For any one of you that has tasted food on the calibre that there were 10,000 tastes in that single bite,
and how this does not compare in any way to normal food,
this is the same as with a divine manifestation. It is an experience so rich it makes all other experiences shallow.

My intuition reminds me to say that the gifts of goodness are freely given, there is no price.