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Real Selves

The real self is truly lightness, featherlike, childlike,
the real self you expand out to if you see it and then you are witnessing it.

If it is accessed, if the heart is opened, out of your entire experience flows rivers of life.

Talking to humans about spiritual experience is a very difficult problem,
Because I can say that what I just described is God,
But I could also say that pure consciousness is God,
I could also say that Truth is God, and you can only find him by seeking and aligning with ultimate truth,
And with only these three things,
I am talking about completely different experiences of God.

The first experience is yourself as a real person,
The second experience is the experience of yourself as a constant unchanging being with a soul,
The third experience is the direct contact with an extraterrestrial force from a higher dimension.

All three of these experiences are full of life, but they are in different dimensions, they are different qualities of divinity.

Often times when I speak of God I am talking about two different Gods.

The religious God I refer to is connected to the light that all people can access easily when they experience a higher compassion, it is as though you look directly into the sun, anyone can see it if they look upon it.

The other God I speak of it seems that almost no man can witness, and the access point to show them I know not.

It is an invisible quality of the universe in the physical and invisible realm which is beautiful and which is fullness, it is the ocean and we are the dew drop within it. The ocean has also fallen into the dew drop.

Wikipedia's page on Atman describes this well for me.

To one who cannot experience it right now,
this God cannot be seen no matter where they look, no matter what information they are given,
but I can tell you that you can find it in appreciation, you can find it in creativity, you can find it in full absorption of right now, if it unfolds to you, all of reality and all of eternity opens up to you, this is the kingdom of the heavens that you cannot see,
This kingdom is not in a spiritual land in the future it is here in your midst,
And perhaps it begins by recognizing just how precious life is.

For example, as I am writing this, a woman in the middle of the crosswalk turns around and does a short bow.
It would seem she almost got into an accident. Above her the wind is gently breezing trees that are such lush green that they reflect the sunlight off of them as white light,
If you look beyond the play,
This God is everywhere, all the time,
The people don't know,
But the people aren't real,
God is above them,
Between them,
He is real,
This has been real and will continue to be real.
God is coming out of everyone and everything all the time over and over again. In a million beautiful ways he shines out of people's eyes, and wisdom's mourning cries.

Many people can see the light of the God of Truth in an invisible realm, And many other people can see the invisible God here behind reality.

I have yet to find many people make the point of contact between God in these forms, such contact I see resulting in an atomic bomb.

We seem to be obsessive and we fixate, we take what we find and then that is all that there is.

The secret is that he is in your midst even in visible darkness.
Even in the demon possessed man who is shouting and screaming,
Even in the demonic realm cast as a shadow over the Earth,
Even if you have the site to see the lower realms,
Even if you can see the sicknesses hovering over the people's minds like flies and hornets nests,
If you look at the person's real being,
You will see that behind this momentary state of affliction and illusion,
They are still with God.
That darkness is still nothing but a cloud,
And in God's eyes there is nothing wrong.
The body may be suffering and the image may be distorted,
But this is not the real image,
When the real image corrects itself,
When the distortion returns to normal,
The image is what it has always been.

This is why the scriptures say,
That God does not even remember the stains of sin.
God has no memory of unreality, of a distortion that never happened.
The perfect image has never changed and will never change,
The perception of the image can distort its memory,

But in actuality as I see it, the person was always there at that given space at that given time in eternity, that is what is remembered. The sun was always in the position that it was always at at that point of time in eternity, these are the facts. The way that sun was at that point,

Perhaps you could say that experience was altered by your filters over reality.

At that moment, you experienced reality through one possible filter of many filters, and the thoughts you were aware of existed only on one dimension,
You were aware that people did not like you,
But you were not aware that on a different frequency at that moment, people liked you.

You were only witnessing the radio station you were on, all the other channels were still playing at that moment.

You can verify this by testing your memory of events with other people.
They remember events differently than you because they were on a different frequency.
On the frequency you were on,
Everyone thought you were a failure.
On the frequency someone else was on, Everyone was encouraged by your action.

The frequency is not the ultimate reality.

Paradoxically it is silly to go on a mission to change a world that will never change.
And yet we should go on a mission to change the world, if that is in our calling, but why?

I am making this statement as myself, we go on an experienced to change the world in order to have a revelation of Truth for ourselves,
We go on a journey to act out a role that we ought to perform well,
But this is only a role.

We are no different than the bad guys in this story, we are all just actors in the same play, at different positions of the whole being.
You are experiencing the role of a node in a network,
But you are not a node,
You are the network.

If you are in darkness, this is only positional to where you are in the network.
If you are in the light, this is positional to where you are in the network.
The entire network is changing,

And the data in the network is the same.

Everything you take on,
You are processing for the network.

When you're trying to off hand toxic energy to a bad person because you are a good person,
You are simply passing off some of the data to another node.