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Being a Loser

So on a related note to winning,


My blessings of my gifts as a person are actually due to luck.
They're due to choices.

I have been a loser in this world because I have been unwilling to compromise my being for decades.

I am saying all of my blessings are related to an unwillingness to become normalized.

I have not been completely successful in this I have had periods where I lost 50-75% of my gifts.

It is really not that you're this way or that way or great or small,

it is a matter of what you want. What you want most is going to determine what parts of you are going to come out of you.

In my case I wanted to keep some of myself much more than I wanted to fit in.

I kept myself and there were resulting consequences for that,
And there were times I wanted to fit in more and I lost much of myself.

The good news is you can have whatever you want,
The bad news is you cannot have it all.

If you look at my life and what I wouldn't do,

You could see that I would probably have a lot of money if I had established myself in this or that trade,

but in those futures I would not be experiencing some of the gifts I am getting now,

Gifts that you cannot buy.

It is not impossible to uncover your soul again,

and life is trying in every possible way to help you recover your soul.

Life is basically designed to reveal your soul.

This is the truth that I am not special,
I am not a spiritual prodigy,
I have no special talents,
I have no hard skills,
I am not wise in my own right,

I have only the fact that I am a seeker.

There is no special trick to this action.

I was not always wanting to help people,
I was not always focused on light,

The one thing that changed my life was deciding to care about myself before others.
As in, I put myself before everything and everyone.

I carved out the time for myself over every obligation.

I changed my priorities and began to teach myself that I was the priority.

Between my health or a job,
I began to choose my health.
Between my health or a partner,
I began to choose my health. Between my health or money,
I began to choose my health.

My priority became time.