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John 16:12-13 personal retranslation

`I still hold much to tell you, but you are not able presently at this moment to carry it.

However, when the Spirit of Reality comes, he will show you the way into all reality.

For he will not speak on His own, but He will speak as much as He hears, and He will report to you what is to come.`

In these verses, truth is reality. Jesus says the Spirit of Reality/Truth is coming to you, and he will show you the way to All reality, or the Whole reality. This word All means Whole, the whole reality, which the Easterners call, "As It Is." The nature of real truth is that when you see it, you see everything at once, you see the real world for the first time. When you touch truth, you glimpse the ultimate reality underneath all fictional and false realities.

There is a navigational point in reality from which all reality is revealed to you. When truth is made known to you, it can lead you to this centerpoint from which you can view all realities.

This experience is as though you are the center of infinity, it is in line with the concept of "You are the Path", that you are between many roads and many characters, and in reality, you are where you have always been.