Divi's Corner ring

Writing Intentions

This teaching is for myself and my daily practice.

When I free write, I should not set my goal to be length.

I should set an timer with a duration of time to spend with no destination.

This allows me to relax into writing instead of trying to achieve a goal.

My resistance usually disappears if I have been in practice.

I should write my intention at the top of the page before writing.

This intention should capture the meaning of the reminder that I am writing in order to meditate on the page,

not to write something beautiful,

not to get something out,

not to be grateful,

I am writing in order to enjoy the feeling of the ink rushing against the page,
and the state of mind that allows me to move forward with ease and clarity in flow.

And underneath those intentions, the desire for the feeling of the creative source,
that feeling that I want to live in, that my soul drinks and bathes in as a pool of Life and golden light.