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Press in

The heart, the soul, you have to pour new wine into it, and that will create a new wineskin, but you can't pour new wine into an old wineskin.
for many people, listening to some of this music would be pouring new wine into an old wineskin.

Your soul has to acclimate to rise, much like or even parallel to the stages of grief.
It seems you cannot start with pure praise,
pure light will burn you.

As people say, "I can't go into a church, haha, I would burn alive from all the demons in me",
you have to expose your soul to a taste,
and let your soul acclimate.
You are moving your soul from a direction of mourning towards praise,
from depression towards praise.

Holy F, the statement she makes.
A story was shared with me,
A people were shown a different way to live.
When they saw the way they had been living, they wanted to mourn.
But the prophets were saying to them,
that this is not the time for mourning, it is the time, it is the season, it is the hour, this is the time to drink, to eat your fill, to be merry.

This message means that people who turn from darkness, there is no time to waste, Christ would have said, "the kingdom of the heavens is nearby, it is upon you",

I or a modern translation would have said, "the dimension of the Presence of eternity and life is right next to us, this is the moment to press in".

This is the verse that has been revealed to me,

Look at the fig tree, and all the trees. When they are already budding, you see and know for yourselves that summer is now near.

So you also, when you see these [previously mentioned in the chapter] things happening, know that the kingdom of God is near."

This is another way to say,
You can have the manifest Presence of God, the Presence of Consciousness awake in your being, and yes everyone will flock to you and all things will go well from you,

but the dimension of that Presence of Consciousness being stepped through as a door, that is an entire reality. That does not affect one person, that affects every living creature in that area. The area is affected by the superseding dimension.

What I am speaking of is real. What I am speaking of is all of the fish becoming aware that they are breathing water.

Remember that we are swimming in pure consciousness, that is why we know it is always near,

but sometimes it is the time and it is the hour to step into it.

That time is near.

Remember the lovers? The stars aligned, it seems the whole world was for them, everything went their way,
it is similar,

there is a time a season an hour a moment when the stars align,
that is the time to take your fill.

This is to say that God might ask for your repentance to let go of something affecting you, but he is not asking for your sorrows following it,
the time of the wedding feast is here,
it is time to eat and be full.