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Secret of Refinement

Everything has to do with priority.

If you want to awaken,
You are going to have to find love.

Love is the only thing that can break the sleeping spell.
Not warm gooey poetic love,
Not warmth of heart -
Warmth of heart is healing and good resonance, It is rich and meaningful but that is a comforting love,

It is not the bright light love that can break the sleeping spell
Isaiah and Christ told people,
You are all living in blindness.

Truly I say, we are all living in blindness.

We live in blindness because to see reality through one perspective is blindness.
We can only see life through one perspective at a time.
We are blind.

An act of true love is a miracle.
This is an unfathomable possibility.
This act destroys blindness because love is in touch with Reality, the "All Reality'.
In a moment of shattered blindness a person can become self aware, to see their life on autopilot, to see it wasn't them, to gain back control over themselves,

And to see through a fifth dimensional perspective.

For some reason it is the case of an irrational act of love.
I currently believe it reminds us of the possibility of free action to be real to our authentic nature,
regardless of the world we exist in,
That an act of love gives us back our power of choice,
Just in the same way that man has the power of saying, "No."

I just heard a story that the woman said she made it through being a prisoner,

"because she could forgive them. Because they could not make her hate them."

They could not take that from her. They could not make her do that.

I notice that an act of true love that shocks us is often irrational,
it causes us to see what we could not.
It is a gift.
It is when someone gives you something that makes no sense to give you,
Which means either they are mad,
Or that you are of a value that you were not capable of seeing.

This can provide the gift of self reflection to one's own value.

It may also awaken one's own heart.

If you pursue anything it will pursue you. You know this.

If you pursue love, acknowledging that you do not know what it is, but looking for it and not assuming you have found it,

It will encounter you on the road.

If you want to awaken, do not seek awakening.
Seek that which will awaken you.

Understand that even people with awakening are still blind,
Awakening has infinite degrees until you are looking at infinite degrees of awakening.
There is a level of awakening to all levels of awakening,
This can only be looking through the eyes of love.

Semantically speaking, this is looking through the 5th dimensional perspective, at all things as one interrelated and perfect system, with compassion, outside illusionary barriers of time and space, in eternity,

In love there is no separateness.

In the fifth dimension there is no separateness.

When you take away space and time there is no separateness.

The pursuit of real wisdom would also lead to love,
because the one who gains wisdom learns a secret,
The secret of refinement upon refinement.

The secret of refinement is like this,

What is my target focus?
What is the perfect focus?

Refinement asks questions about questions. It asks how to ask questions about questions.

Wisdom is the ultimate metagame.

Eventually you understand that priority is everything.
It doesn't matter what you want,
It matters the order in which you get it.

If you find the wisdom to find the highest priority of that which has potential value to your existence,
you will eventually arrive at your spirit.

Even choosing your realness or authenticity as your highest priority should suffice for a time.
Once spirit is your priority,

You win.

You win because you stop wanting all of the desires you were wanting, that you weren't able to stop wanting.

Then you win because you gain what you really wanted the whole time.

Then you win because you've now directed the mind at solving a problem that is actually lucrative to solve.
Then you win by the obvious fact that when you already have what you want, everything else is extra.

The world loses power over you.

You gain freedom, your power of free will.

You gain power over yourself.

And of course if you gain spirit then you will naturally gain health, wealth, life, people, connections.
It all comes with pain of course,
And lots of death.

Thanks to the secret of refinement,
You are not concerned with keeping yourself or your parts.

Such a blessed conversation I just had -
I was sharing that -
All desires take you away from contentment because they are facing an outside direction
There is only one other direction, inside you

So to be Jesus and say

"I am the Door"

The one doorway that is the other direction.

I am the door. If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture. The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.

I was speaking about this -
About how I gained all my external desires, and they left me tasteless,
starving for the last desire, Spirit
[yes, I took the long way]
And the concept of staying hungry - Not filling up with spirit,
not having a full cup -

He said,

"but needing the ocean"

Staying hungry,
Wanting to be discontent to fill with more spirit -
All desires are to want contentment.

Look at this other door
To want discontentment
To be unsatisfied
To rest in that in expectation
To ask for more fire
More fire
More fire

He said, regarding our need for spirit paraphrased,

"An infinite problem requires an infinite solution."