Divi's Corner ring

Key to Awakening

Love is the actual key to awakening
Love is the actual key to awakening out of blindness
Love is the actual focus that breaks one out of the fictional self created perceptions and into reality
Love is the actual doorway into reality.
I have been here
I cannot express my gratitude -

I have been listening to the same music, searching for a sound, for months, every day. I have heard a sound and followed it
In real life as well
I have not known what that sound was -

It is under the screaming of praise
It is a sound that comes from outside of the blindness
It is a sound that comes from outside the box we are in
It is a sound of the heavens
and I kept following it
and I found what it was
It was a holy temple in my soul.

I did not believe that it was possible to restore my soul into a temple.
My soul has been filled with many lies and much darkness.
Many voices have told me it was not possible to repurpose a soul that has been damaged so significantly.

I will not rest
I will not hold my peace
Until her righteousness goes forth as brightness
And her salvation as a lamp that burns