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Love Expressed

I walked over the waters of Portland tonight. It is known that there are countless dark spirits over those waters.
I had a thought as I passed by, or the glimpse of a thought.
It was as though the devil himself spoke it to me, I imagine it would be his perfect philosophy.
It was this,

All hatred and toxicity are expressions of love in a different expressed form of passion.

If Love is actually understanding,
And one gains more understanding,
He will eventually gain all understanding,
Then he will gain all Love.

Then he will see that Love is actually expressed within all things.
And that Love is expressed in loving beauty
And beauty is a violent and savage and uncontrollable, irrational creature

To fathom that a woman will create her own delusions and fantasies and stories about me,
and hate me, hurt me, even reject me,
and that Love loves that because it is beauty, and it created it beautiful.

From this perspective,
all suffering, disease, atrocity gives depth to a beauty and love.

I can't help but believe this truly is what the the collective repressed human unconsciousness known as Satan believes.

The question is if it is true, and do I believe it?

The practice I am engaged in encourages me to look into the major themes of states I enter.

I recognize that almost daily I enter a state with a feeling of detachment in which I look at my life as though it is a fragment of a life,
and that this feeling is a sort of trauma response covering up pain -
protected by walls of fear.

There are some states that one ought to dissolve. There are other states, feelings which should not be targeted to resolve, rather a superseding state should replace it.

This is to say,
rather than fight on the ground,
instead, open the gates of light,
and allow what comes from above to become the focal point of awareness,
and condition this in as the default state.

This is to say, use behavioral conditioning for spiritual conquest.
I am a utilitarian fellow.

Revelations says the angels stand outside the gates of the new Jerusalem on all four corners, and above and below if I'm not mistaken,
standing there,
waiting for the gates to open,
waiting to invade.

I see these gates as an alignment of places in the soul,
as in shapes such as for example, squares, currently not lined up, but line them up, and suddenly the squares form a single chamber -
these shapes are multidimensional.

In any case however,
I am saying,
I am a utilitarian fellow.

If there are angels standing outside the gates,
then I intend to allow them in.

I am not a reservational fellow,
I am not interested in a moderation,
only what is necessary,
'Oh, only 10 angels please',
No, if there are thousands, send in thousands,
If there are millions, send in millions, Why would you hold back a slaughter?

I have had an epiphany.

It shouldn't be an epiphany at all, it should be obvious,
and yet it is not.

There is a missing correlation between God and spiritual works
Or at least the correlation is intellectually missing to me
But I assume it is missing to others

Jesus put hands on lepers, and he did not receive leprosy, he had no fear of receiving leprosy, and then he healed these men of their spiritual and emotional pains.

Then we are called to do the same.

So now this is modeled as,
"If you are carrying 'an anointing'",
which is a fancy way of saying,
'a calling' and 'a manifestation of the spirit is riding upon you',
then you can perform works of power like this.

So we are saying,
"If you are carrying a supernatural power on you, perform works"
And we model this back to coming back from God, or from Christ,
the Christlight shining so brightly that it is eradicating darkness as nothing but light can stand in its wake.
But! A missing correlation!
What is God but Love?
What is the opposite of fear but love?
Supernatural power is one thing, but would not the authentic work be love?

Because now with understanding let me model this,
Jesus put his hands on a leper because he loved the leper, he was not afraid of receiving leprosy because he would do anything for the leper because he loved him, there is no fear in this love,

could it even be said that such a heartfelt display of affection would be enough to shock a man with leprosy into receiving love into himself,
into receiving love onto his pains,
into having being given a gift of showing that he must somehow be of some value,

See the world cursed this man with leprosy, told him he was nothing, he was a beggar, a failure, a loser, and irredeemable, and leprosy grows in these pains,

But this man comes to you, he is clean and healthy, he has no sickness on him, and he lays an affectionate hand on you, just to love you, just to connect with you, just to give warmth to your hands, just to be with you, in an intimacy between two beings of equal measure.

He has no concern for becoming sick at all, no concern for future consequences, his concern is on you.

How could he have no concern?

For one, he cannot be fearing the future, he must be looking at the appreciation of the present moment before him.
For two, he has understanding, he understands what leprosy is and how it works, he understands the potential consequences of putting his hands on a person with leprosy,
he has weighed these costs, and he has determined that this moment of connection is worth the cost. Connecting to this man is worth the cost even of losing ones health and suffering an irreversible disease!

Surely this means this man is worth something, what madness otherwise could this be done? Surely this means that there is a God, for a healthy man to willingly touch a sick man is a sort of madness, in a sense this event is a miraculous, unfathomable possibility.

And surely more, what kind of man is this? What kind of man, adult, having survived childhood, having survived a cold world with limbs intact, he risks his health without fear? What kind of power is this?

What does this say about man's capacities?
If this man has the courage or madness to take a choice that defies the very laws of this place we appear to be trapped in,
what freedom of choice is possible?

He has demonstrated an act that despite the rules, despite the consequences imposed on him by reality,
that there is nothing, nothing in existence, no authority or establishment that can take from him his ability to choose in the present moment.

Even if Jesus received leprosy and died, he still would have been satisfied with his choice.