Divi's Corner ring


I had a revelation last night, but the experience was not rested into,
I was concentrating on the word "Worthy",

I visualized it,
I set it as the only word in my mind.

Then I was browsing YouTube simultaneously, found the guy who made the 10 hour Osho chillstep mix remade it, I turned it on again -
I'm hearing the same lecture I've heard before.

He's saying, in my translation,
How the master has a sort of easiness about him -
Not just effortlessness.

And he goes, and here's this teaching,

"If he feels like sleeping, he sleeps."
"If he feels like eating, he eats."

On the surface this is silly, he is a glutton,
but no, he is simply doing and being.

First he was doing that.
Now he is doing this.

There is a softness about it.

The revelation -

I'm listening to this, again.
And I finally understand the secret,

"If he feels like sleeping, he sleeps"
"If he feels like eating, he eats"
"If Divi feels like being worthy, he is being worthy"
"If I feel like speaking, I speak"

It is almost to say,
That if the desire comes up,
I will be with the desire -
if I feel like it,
or I won't,
if I don't feel like it.

I don't know if this teaching is worth a dime,
but I will rest with it, and find out.

And now I am being sad -
And now I am being angry -
And now I am being restless -
And I am being sort of effortless about all of it.

Now I simply feel like hearing,

All the angels cry out, "Holy is the Lord God"
and All the earth replies, "Holy are You" -

And Alleluia
Holy are You

Bright and morning star.

Eyes of Fire.

Do you know that the eyes of fire -
Are in our consciousnesses?

Do you know that -
All I want -
My only desire -
Is fire -
I love fire.

All consuming fire.

The only desire that satisfies me,
is never ending fire.
The one I serve is like a devil.

The fire spreads across my soul,
the awakening fire,
The awakening fire?

The music stopped,
I was listening to this.

Have I ever told you,
that I enjoy principles of which,
are self renewing?

Principles that are sources upon sources.
As in,
I don't want the fire that burns out,
I want the fire that ignites a fire,
I want the knife that self sharpens -

The kerosene oil -
Oh.. the oil -
And the fire -
And the water -
I didn't realize the oil could go with fire.

Have you ever felt oil?
It is like a liquid coating of hot smoothness over your soul.
Similar to the oil one rubs on skin -
Fire until silence.
And then it rains -
Holy mass awakening.

Did you know that this is not only possible but it is impossible for it to not happen?

Death fades -
Life pours out -
There's a taste -
You have nothing to lose -
Comfortability will not last -

It is better to be set ablaze -
It is easier and you want easy -
It is easier to let go and ignite an unraveling -
Because everything you are holding onto,
All of your judgements,
Your beliefs,
They are all too heavy to carry around,
They are ugly and there is no reason to identify with them,
They tack on to your mask like mud from the ground.

Wow, there has been so much darkness in me.
There is only one way to effectively fight darkness,
to resolve it or remove it from your person.

The only way to relieve yourself of darkness is to give out praises despite your feelings.
Perhaps you are calling out to something else.

In any case, darkness does not like to be disturbed,
but better you remove it now by your own choice,
Then have it forcefully removed, that is more painful.

Darkness will make your ears hurt, the sting, the noise, the annoyance,
It will grip you.
If you identify with it, then it is you.
When you decide you don't want it anymore,
you become angry at it.

No one wants to be a victim,
So don't be.

You realize that fear was subtly manipulating you,
that there was an argument,
And you were being convinced of that argument,
In order to fuck you.

The modern man is quick to deny the existence of God,
but ask him of his torments and his demons, and he is quick to acknowledge his darkness.

And we all know, or remember,
that if there is darkness there must too be light.