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Struggle of Self

Here's this struggle of self -

There are so many desires.

There is also the desire for goodness, to surrender those desires.

Because of yin and yang -

if you get rid of one desire, another takes its place, it is hopeless.

Yes there are some secrets, desiring to 'stay hungry', as in to not be fulfilled, this helps -

but here we are, with a large problem.

If you want to believe, you will also have unbelief -

everything balances out.

If you lean towards god, you'll later swing back towards the devil.

Sure, you could time the momentum of it right, so that when you die you are swinging in the direction of god -

but you're always going to be swinging.

So here is another secret I have been contemplating for two days -

it is the fact that what we desire most is the best desire we have tasted.

The best possibility we are aware of is the possibility we can't help but be drawn towards.

We don't even have control over it.

If we try to focus on a different goal, this will only temporarily last us until we begin searching again for what we really wanted.

So here there is a secret of hope that once you have tasted what I call 'the light of consciousness', you're inevitably going to seek it out.

I believe that this is by this same way we go to heaven or hell.

This is good news.

Your spirit by design pulls you in the direction of that highest love you're aware of, your goodness pulls you towards your highest taste of goodness.

The power of decision and choice is limited, we change, we don't have full control over which desires show up, we don't have full control of our thoughts, we don't have full awareness of the best options.

If you notice, we actively seek goodness -

we chase goodness -

pleasure sex success wealth -

all of these are of good and we want them.

There may be yin and yang -

but we are pulled towards the sun -

actively pulled -

the active force is pulling us -

the active self is chasing spirit.